About OriginalCraft

We are a exciting new server and want everyone to have fun playing a game that they like, so we have made this server for just that.
With a wonderful looking spawn and a massive shop where you can buy and sell items. Spawners will be available soon to buy as well.

The voting system is easy to use and if you dontate we have some exciting ranks for you to all enjoy being a part of.

The server has alot to offer and we are adding new things all the time so you get the best from playing with us.

The founder is UnknownMember, he is a wonderful owner and tries to appeal to everyones needs.
The staff we have are just as wonderful and any problems, ideas and worries you have they will try to sort it out.

We would all like to welcome you to the server and just have fun playing.

Server News


by shadowpixiee, 102 days ago

Hey guys

we have started to build the skyblocks server and hub for you all so thats in the works at the moment.

we are also thinking of adding more staff members so if anyone is interested please let unknownmember, shadowpixiee and kingcee know that you want to apply and we will tell you the rest. you have a better chance of getting the job by playing on the server and helping help out alot and we see that you are a good member of the server.

good luck to all who joins us


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by shadowpixiee, 108 days ago


We now have quests on the server :) they are dotted all over the map and they will give you loads of kl items and challenges.

hope you enjoy them and if you have any ideas for new quests please tell me shadowpixiee or post it in the suggestion box below so i can see them when im not online :)

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by shadowpixiee, 108 days ago

hey guys and galls

just a quick update

kings pc is down at the moment that is why we havent been adding things to the server. but his new pc is on it way so wont be long till we can get bk to adding bits for us all to enjoy.

also we are accepting builders all u have to do is come on the server and ask for staff then we will ask u to send us pictures of what u have built if we like what we see u will be put on a trial builders rank please dont be upset if we dont accept ur buiild we are looking for a certain type of building style so it doesnt mean we dont think ur building is good just is doesnt go with what we want :).

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